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Sandale Saddlery has always tried hard to support as many worthwhile clubs and associations, as possible. Donating every year 3 saddles,(valued over $13,000.00) over 200 embroidered horse rugs, saddle cloths, vouchers and various goods to our beloved equestrian community.


This year we hope to do more, and are asking for your help.

All you have to do is, when making a purchase either in person at the shop or online, state which club or association you support.


For instance, if you say your club is Nambour Pony Club and you spend $10.00.  Nambour gets 10 points, and Zone 6 get 10 points as well.

This could mean that clubs who already get rugs for their events, could then be looking at something extra at the end of the year.  Perhaps a pair of Jump wings, or Competition numbers...Your Club will be jumping for joy!!!




January 1st sees the launch of the Sandale Bit Club!

If you have ever been to Sandale Saddlery, you will have seen that we have the largest range of bits in any saddlery in Queensland. Carrying a huge variety of types and sizes all the time, including Stuebben, Abbey, Neu schuele, Korsteel, Happy mouth,Soyo,WTP and so many more.


To go with this range we have skilled people ready to help and advise, 7 days a week.

Our staff know their stuff, they are all riders and competitors, all successful in their chosen fields.

The exciting news is that from January 1st, we are launching our bit club, this allows you, the rider, the chance of trying bits on your horse at absolutely no charge.  Lets face it, a bit that works brilliantly on 5 horses throwing their head, might not work on the 6th

So, what are your options, off you go to your local saddlery to buy a $40.00 bit, take it  home and it doesn’t work.  $40.00 spent…no result.

So what is the answer?

Come to Sandale, talk to us so that we understand your problem and can advise which bit/bits may be of help.  Then off you go to do some trials, and hopefully solve the problem.  You will have a week to try it or return it. Here is the best bit (excuse the pun)  IT WILL COST YOU NOTHING!!

All you have to do is register to become a member of the bit club, and you will have access to our huge range, absolutely free.

If the bit does not have the effect you are looking for, simply return for a full refund, or exchange it for another one.  It's that easy.


Also, there is no limit on how many bits you can try, and there is no restriction on rubber, sweet iron or copper bits.









Seeking volunteer regional trail coordinators

Can you help? Positions are still available.

The Queensland Horse Trails Working Group and Queensland Outdoor Recreation Federation are seeking interested and proactive individuals to act as volunteer regional trail coordinators to manage local stakeholders and work with Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) rangers to implement the QPWS Strategic Framework for Horse Riding in Queensland’s Parks and Forests.

To register your interest or for more information, email













Sick of those other brands that just don't fit?

Tired of your horse always being the daggy kid in the paddock? 

Get them into a Kidna Cool Mesh today! 


No rubbing on the shoulders.  No leaving half the neck exposed while the horse eats. 

Why buy a rug you have to adjust? Buy one that fits first time!

Kidna Cool Mesh Rug Only $56.95

Kidna Cool Mesh Rug and Neck Rug Combos $59.95


NOW IN STOCK!  Kidna Cool Mesh Rug and Hood Combos!  $69.95






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