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Anatomic Pony Full Cheek Snaffle double broken

Width: 12.0 cm Lateral parts: 12 cm Thickness: 12mm International article number: 2279 Benefits of the full cheek snaffle: • The long bars enhance the impact on the horse’s mouth from outside, thus facilitating the contact with the outside rein. • The leverage effect of the full-cheek snaffle is low but can be increased by the insertion of additional bars – which fasten the upper bars to the bridle • The full cheek snaffle is particularly suitable for schooling young horses and for lungeing. Benefits of the double jointed full cheek snaffle: • No painful pressure on the gums • Even and mouth-friendly distribution of pressure from the reins on tongue and bars • Better acceptance • No nutcracker effect • Facilitates communication between horse and rider Stübben Steeltec quality: • No sharp edges that could hurt the horse’s mouth • Long durability due to selected materials • The unique processing technologies reduce the wear and tear on the bit jointsn

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