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Quik Heal Greasy Heel Ointment

QuikHEAL is a non-toxic topical ointment, which has broad spectrum anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. When applied to the affected area, QuikHEAL treats: Greasy heel, rain scald, ringworm, dermatitis, girth gall, saddle sores How QuickHEAL works As soon as bacteria and of fungi enter broken skin they inflame the skin causing mild to severe irritation The active ingredients in QuikHEAL effectively kill the bacteria and fungi QuickHEAL is water resistant aiding in its longevity on the wound once applied The combination of sulphur and copper sulphate in QuikHEAL also aids in providing an unfavourable environment for the bacteria and helps to prevent reinfection QuikHEAL works as a water barrier to allow the anti-fungal ingredients to do their job The Benefits Fast acting Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal Easy to use ready to apply formula Highly effective against infection Thick ointment does not run off easily Water resistant ointment Directions For Use When using to treat greasy heal soak and wash scabs to soften and attempt to remove Dry the area thoroughly and apply QuikHEAL If weather conditions are fine and sunny leave the area open to direct sunlight If wet conditions persist, bandage the affected area with Kelato Cotton Wool and Gauze and EnduroWRAP Re-apply QuikHEAL daily Seek professional advice before using in conjunction with other topical ointments Pack sizes: 200g / 450g

Code : 8301QUI


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